Is Self Fulfilment the Way to Happiness? | Carey Nieuwhof

So what exactly is the purpose of your life? Well, you’ve heard it. Live your best life. Become the best […]

When It’s Right to Be Wrong | Craig Groeschel

Can it be right to be wrong? If you’ve ever been around a passionate leader, you know they tend to […]

How to Be Real and Not Be Weird | Craig Groeschel

The best leaders know how to be real without being ruthlessly honest, without oversharing, and without eroding trust. In this […]

Keeping It Real – Why Transparency Matters in Leadership | Craig Groeschel

As leaders, we know that we should be open and have transparency. But we often don’t understand why it matters […]

Catalyst 2019: Fully Alive Leadership | Andy Stanley

To be fully alive as a leader you must keep an open mind, open hands, and an open heart.

Q&A with Bob Goff: Becoming an Authentic Leader

Sit in for a conversation with Bob Goff, the best-selling author of Everybody Always, as he discusses with Craig Groeschel […]

The Book of Psalms

The book of Psalms is the largest collection of poetry in the Bible. In this video we’ll explore the design […]

How to Inspire Your Team | Craig Groeschel

One of the top three qualities a leader can possess is the ability to inspire people to action. Inspirational leaders […]


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