Tighten the Knot

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No matter how happy a couple is, everyone can think of something they want to be different. Maybe you wish he would come home at 5 or she would spend less time on the phone. Maybe, your differences run so deep they seem irreconcilable. But for all the reasons to break the knot, there’s always a reason to tighten it.

The Love Pattern | Clayton King

Duration: 44:15 73

We fall in love. We forget how to love. We stop fighting for love. This is the story of so many relationships, but it doesn’t have to be your story. We can reverse the trend by fixing our eyes on Jesus and fighting for love.

God’s Perfect Plan for Marriage | Jimmy Evans

Duration: 40:45 229

Marriage is failing in America because we’ve stopped following God’s plan. When we do marriage God’s way, our chance of success goes from 50-50 to 100. Except for Jesus, marriage is the greatest gift God ever gave to us. Discover how God designed marriage to meet our deepest needs and help us overcome sin.

For Better and for Worse | Dan Lian

Duration: 38:15 480

Marriage is a commitment to love each other for better or worse. It's easy to love each other when life is good. But how we love each other through the worst will shape our marriages for years to come. Discover four steps that will change your fights from a fight to win to a fight to understand.
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