The Third Option

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Having personally experienced racism and witnessed its devastating effect on communities, Pastor Miles understands the racial divide happening throughout our nation. Many people are looking for the solution in the wrong places. We have been taught to choose a side and take a stand against a group of people as part of the us vs. them culture. But what if God is asking us to do something different? Culture has shaped the way we all view race and whether we realize it or not, we all have blind spots that prevent us from honoring the image of God found in every person.

In this 5-part series, we learn about The Third Option for healing a racially divided nation. The solution has been and will always be the healing power and hope of Jesus Christ.

The Third Option | Miles McPherson

Duration: 43:43 336

Pastor Miles defines racism and relays how we become divided and how we can overcome our disunion.

Unalienable Hope | Miles McPherson

Duration: 49:27 94

Pastor Miles asks you to contemplate people you feel biased towards, consider them through God’s perspective, and challenge your preconceptions.

A Small Group Discussion on Racism

Duration: 40:38 177

Campus pastors model a race consultation in a small group discussion to get to know and love people of different ethnicities.

The Unknown Plank of Blind Spots | Miles McPherson

Duration: 46:54 206

Pastor Miles discusses blind spots developed from social narratives and asks us to identify our blinds spots and remove them.