The Problem of God

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The Problem of God’s Existence | Carey Nieuwhof

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So maybe you think that to believe in God requires a giant leap of faith. And maybe you think that essentially, there’s zero evidence for God’s existence apart from the Bible. Is that true? Is there any evidence for God outside of scripture or blind belief? We’ll explore those questions in part one of The Problem of God.

The Problem of Science | Carey Nieuwhof

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So many people believe there’s an irreconcilable tension between science and Christianity. If you become a Christian, you can’t embrace science. If you embrace science, you can’t have faith. What if faith and reason aren’t enemies, but friends?

The Problem of Evil and Suffering | Carey Nieuwhof

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Here’s the question millions of people have asked: God is good and if God is all-powerful, why is there suffering? Every world religion and worldview (including atheism and agnosticism) has to answer that question. Christianity has an unbelievably different kind of answer that almost everyone misses.

The Problem of Hypocrisy | Carey Nieuwhof

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From the Christian down the road who never practices what he preaches, to witch hunts, to the crusades, what is the deal with Christians who look nothing like Jesus? You told us that the hypocrisy of Christians is one of the top problems you have with God. So let’s go there.

The Problem of Sex | Carey Nieuwhof

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One of the reasons people don’t like Christianity is because of what the scripture teaches about sex. So what is the deal with sex? Why does God seem so uptight about it? Or are we just getting it wrong?

The Problem of Exclusivity | Mark Clark

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The culture says there are many paths to truth and to God. Christianity claims that Jesus alone is the way to God. Aren’t Christians just narrow-minded bigots when it comes to other religions? How can Jesus be the only way? Problem of God author Mark Clark joins us this week to conclude the Problem of God series, and addresses this issue head on.
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