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Sharing your faith doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a three-point sermon or dozens of Scriptures. It’s as simple as sharing your story.

When we tell someone what Jesus has done, we’re joining a conversation God has already started. We don’t have to worry about getting it right or getting it wrong. We simply have to testify.

The Gospel According to You | Clayton King

Duration: 45:06 229

The word “evangelism” carries baggage for a lot of people. Clayton King explains that sharing the Gospel doesn’t have to be stressful or mysterious. Find out why telling your story of what you have seen, heard, and experienced of Jesus is the best way to reach people far from God.

Lessons From Phil | Dan Lian

Duration: 41:14 307

Personal evangelism isn’t about forcing or manipulating a conversation. In this message, Dan Lian explains that sharing your story is about joining in a conversation God is already having with someone.

Tools Not Rules | Clayton King

Duration: 41:40 328

Testifying with your personal story is impossible to mess up: You’ve lived it! In this message, Clayton King gives a workshop on to share our story in three simple steps. Find out how to position yourself to step through an open door and join the conversation God is having with someone.

Supernatural Witness | Naeem Fazal

Duration: 47:15 489

When we share our stories, God’s supernatural power is at work. In this message, Pastor Naeem Fazal of Mosaic Church, uses his story of converting to Christianity from Islam to show us that God is having a conversation with all people, everywhere.
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