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Restore is a three-session, documentary-style video series that will challenge us all to do better at helping others. As a church, we’re learning to think differently about missions so Restore will help individuals, families, and LifeGroups to think more clearly than ever about how we can all bring restoration to our communities and the world in the most effective way possible.

Restore – Week 1

Duration: 14:35 180

As followers of Christ, we are called to help others. As a church, we’ve embraced new ways of thinking that have shaped our approach to helping others. Your first step is to identify what God has called you to do to help others.

Restore – Week 2

Duration: 4:24 237

There is a difference between relief and restoration. Both are important and both are needed. Understanding the difference enables us to help without hurting. All of us have a unique role to play. Your next step is to evaluate what your proper response is.

Restore – Week 3

Duration: 13:45 203

Restoration happens through relationships and through nurturing God-given gifts and talents in others. Your final step is to commit to taking action.
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