Relational Vampires

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There are some people that just seem to suck the life out of us. Some are endlessly needy; others complain. Some you can’t trust because they’re manipulative, or just hypocrites. We know we’re supposed to love them, but honestly, sometimes it’s just plain difficult. In this series, we’ll be putting a name to this type of person: Relational Vampires. We’ll recognize that these people are all around us draining our energy, and that it’s easy to fall under their spell and become vampires ourselves. Instead of running from or fighting with these vampires, though, we will learn how God can use us to bring love into their lives.

Dealing with Controlling People | Craig Groeschel

Duration: 35:49 332

The relationships you have are a combination of what you’ve created and allowed.

Loving Critical People | Graig Groeschel

Duration: 34:30 317

Your role is to obey God, not to answer to critics.

How Do We Help Needy People Without Hurting? | Craig Groeschel

Duration: 35:27 315

People in need are not projects we help. They are people we love.

How to Deal with Hypocritical People | Craig Groeschel

Duration: 35:38 803

Hypocrisy can be frustrating. What do you do when someone you trust is saying one thing but doing another? This week, let’s learn how to deal with hypocritical people as we continue our Relational Vampires series!