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In “Listen,” Pastor J.D. teaches through the parables of Jesus, stories so simple a child can understand them, yet so profound that we can never exhaust their wealth of wisdom. In these stories, Jesus reveals the beauty of the gospel, but only for those whose heart is in a posture to perceive it—only for those who truly listen.

A Parable about Parables | J.D. Greear

Duration: 48:47 204

Matthew 13:1-23

Hidden Treasure | J.D. Greear

Duration: 48:14 273

Matthew 13:44-46

11th Hour Faith | J.D. Greear

Duration: 53:34 196

Matthew 20:1-16

Either a Sheep or a Goat | J.D. Greear

Duration: 55:27 160

Matthew 25:31-46

The Tenants and the Vineyard | J.D. Greear

Duration: 44:55 233

Matthew 21:33-46