Invisible God

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So God is invisible, and yet you’re supposed to have a relationship with him. How exactly does that work? Can you feel close to someone you can’t see? Should you even try to feel close? If you think of yourself as spiritual, is that enough? We’ll look at the best habits and practices that deeply connect people to an invisible God.

Good Friday – Last Meal | Carey Nieuwhof

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On the night before He died, Jesus sat down for dinner around a table with his closest friends and followers. All of them would desert him. He refused to desert them. Jesus showed us an extraordinarily rare love that sees you for who you really are, and sticks around anyway.

Easter Sunday – Breakfast on the Beach | Carey Nieuwhof

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Love sees who you really are and sticks around anyway. And that’s exactly what Jesus did. In the days after his resurrection from the dead, Jesus surprised his disciples by making them breakfast on the beach. To their utter shock, it was the beginning of a whole new relationship. Jesus wasn’t finished with them (or with you). He was just getting started.

All By Myself | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 41:05 231

So many people are getting into spirituality, self-discovery, meditation, mindfulness and finding themselves. But is that all there is? Jesus gave us a powerful illustration of what happens when a person moves beyond themselves and connects with Him. It might be exactly what you’re missing.

God Have Mercy | Carey Nieuwhof

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We pretty much all have a love/hate relationship with the truth. Want to know where it gets really painful? When we tell the truth about ourselves. It’s so much easier to blame, deflect and deny than it is to admit who we really are. But when you do, everything changes. Especially your connection to God. The more broken you are before God the more transformation can take place.

How To Hear From God | Carey Nieuwhof

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So how do you exactly hear from this invisible God? Do you hear voices, or is that just for crazy people? Do you listen to your emotions? Is God...silent? We’ll look at 7 ways God speaks to people today. They might surprise you.

When You Talk To God | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 41:09 197

To wrap up this series, we’ll look at how you can talk with God. From ancient times, people have called this practice prayer. We’ll look at how prayer is different from meditation, what prayer changes, and how prayer can become part of your daily life.
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