I Can’t Believe In a God Who…

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I Can’t Believe In A God Who Doesn’t Answer My Questions | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 27:02 225

You probably have questions. You wish God would answer now. If anyone had questions that deserved to be answered, it was Job, who lost everything. He finally gets a chance to ask his questions directly to God and learned something that completely changed his questions.

I Can’t Believe In A God Who Lets Good People Suffer | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 37:33 248

One of the greatest objections to the existence of God is this: If God is loving, why does he allow good people to suffer? Many world religions tackle this question with different answers. Christianity’s is unique, as God responds not with information, but with something far more profound.

I Can’t Believe In A God Won’t Tell Me What His Will For My Life Is | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 39:33 305

So if there is a God, and he has a plan for our lives, why does it seem to be so difficult to figure out? The answer to that question might be simpler than you think. And, for those moments when it seems confusing, there’s actually a shortcut to finding God’s will that we’ll share with you.

I Can’t Believe In A God Who Kills Innocent Children In The Old Testament | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 41:56 254

Many people read the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible) only to be shocked by the violence they see, even some, apparently, sanctioned by God. Why did God order the slaughter of children? Why would God support war? There are answers….

I Can’t Believe In A God Whose Followers and Leaders Are Mostly Hypocrites | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 46:39 296

So maybe you can accept that God is real and Jesus is who he said he is, but you’re reluctant to get involved in Christian community or a church. After all, Christians and Christian leaders are pretty much all hypocrites. True? Absolutely. And here’s why you should get involved anyway.

I Can’t Believe In A God Who Picked a Faulty Bible to Communicate With Us | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 48:27 213

Maybe you think the Bible is unreliable or that, even as a historical book, it’s riddled with errors and mistakes. This week, Carey will be joined by world-renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans, who has been interviewed on Dateline NBC, by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and lectured at Yale, Princeton, Harvard and Oxford Universities. Together, they’ll discuss why many of the world’s brightest thinkers have come to trust the scriptures.