I Am: Jesus in His Own Words

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Jesus has been called many things: prophet, teacher, man, God. But who did He say He was? And once you see who Jesus is, what does that mean for you and your life?

I Am the Bread of Life | Clayton King

Duration: 37:46 367

Jesus used the analogy of bread — a common, daily necessity in that time and culture — to explain how He sustains and satisfies people. You become what you consume, so come to the table and feast on the Bread of Life.

I Am the Light of the World | Dan Lian

Duration: 41:43 480

Jesus is the light who reveals God, exposes darkness, and transforms everything. He exposes and addresses your sin not to hurt you, but to help you and heal you.

I Am the Gate | Clayton King

Duration: 44:19 603

The door is always open; you always have a place in God’s family. Because of Jesus, we have access to God’s goodness, protection, and freedom.

I Am The Good Shepherd | Brad Cooper

Duration: 46:25 403

God is like Jesus, and Jesus is like the Good Shepherd. Jesus is personally active in your life, and He lays down His life for you.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life | Kaleb White

Duration: 41:07 228

Jesus is the most authoritative of all figures and the most tender of all men. We can bring our grief to Jesus, and He gives us hope in our grief.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life | Clayton King

Duration: 41:20 531

Are you deeply troubled and feeling unsettled? You're not the only one who feels this way; Jesus knows how you feel. Jesus has already faced and defeated everything we're afraid of, and He helps us look to the future beyond what we're going through.

I Am the True Vine | Brad Cooper

Duration: 43:23 248

When feelings drive our lives, it’s easy to get derailed. In the middle of an emotionally charged week, Jesus spoke truth to help His followers stay on track. When we learn what it means to abide in Jesus, we will live, grow, and bear fruit.