Fight For It – How To Build Resilience

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How to Build Resilience | Clay Scroggins

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Life is full of trials. Every trial carries with it a set back that we experiences. Our ability to bounce back after experiencing a trial is called resilience. In this message, Clay teaches us how to use the smaller trials of life as the building blocks to a resilient life.

Building Resilience Through Rejection | Clay Scroggins

Duration: 35:18 482

Everyone faces rejection. How we handle that rejection can either cripple us or force us to become more resilient. In a critical moment during Jesus’ ministry, his Heavenly father reminded him of something that can help all of us walk through seasons where we feel rejection.

Your Struggle Can Be Your Superpower | Sheryl Sandberg and Clay Scroggins

Duration: 44:58 382

Being connected is not enough. When we respond to adversity in our lives by showing up for each other, we turn connection into community. In our greatest adversities, we receive the gift of being comforted by God, so that we then may comfort others.

Building Resilience in the Next Generation | Tim Elmore and Clay Scroggins

Duration: 43:36 389

Resilience has changed throughout the generations and as a culture, we are trending toward. The trend for parents is to protect rather than prepare the next generation for adulthood. Our greatest opportunity for leading the next generation is to model and build resiliency muscles.
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