End of Days

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Book of Daniel

What in the World Is Going On? | Greg Laurie

Duration: 45:16 86

The signs of the end times are here. Pastor Greg shares on the relevance of God’s Word that we can trust and have hope in as we live in the last days. For the Christian these signs are good news…it means the return of Jesus is even closer.

Dream On! | Greg Laurie

Duration: 45:05 105

How can we live a godly life in an ungodly place? Pastor Greg encourages believers how our faith should affect the way we live in a broken world. From the Book of Daniel we see what character looks like when called to stand, and how the test of our character is found in small compromises.

No one is beyond the reach of God | Greg Laurie

Duration: 37:30 75

Have you ever thought about someone that would never listen to, much less, respond to the gospel? Pastor Greg Laurie shares why we should never think that way in his message, "No One Is Beyond the Reach of God", as we continue our study in the book of Daniel.

God, the Future, and You! (Daniel 7) | Greg Laurie

Duration: 42:58 211

God never forgets anything, and He knows everything.