• To Make a Difference in the Kingdom

    On February 23, 2018, at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, pastor of Hope Church Vance Pitman, reminded students to leverage their job for the sake of the glorious mission of God. Students don’t have to be one of the 12 disciples to make a difference in the Kingdom.

  • Finishing the Task

    Biola Missions Conference 2021

  • The Vow

    Whether you hope to get married someday or you’ve already tied the knot, discover what The Vow can mean for the future.

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  • Rick Warren on Finishing Well

    Rick Warren on Finishing Well, Why Megachurch Pastors Fail, and Lessons Learned Over 42 Years at Saddleback

  • The Power of Intentional Time with Your Kids

    We’re asking Andy Stanley, the dad of 3 grown kids, for wisdom and insight on what worked for their family and a few lessons they learned along the way. We’ll talk about communication strategies, discipline, and the power of intentional time with your kids.

  • Know What You’re For

    Lead Pastor of Gwinnett Church and good friend to Cross Point, Jeff Henderson, stops by the podcast to talk about his relationship with Cross Point over the years – especially during an intense time of transition – and the reason behind his new book Know What You’re For, filled with powerful strategies for personal and organizational growth.

  • Brit Gilmore: The Story Behind The Giving Keys

    Brit Gilmore, President of The Giving Keys, shares about the origin of The Giving Keys as well as how her story relates to The Giving Keys.

  • Don’t Let Shame Hold You Back

    Your sins don’t define you, and shame has no power over you. Learn about how your identity is found in Jesus’ sacrifice, not in your failures.

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· Vance Pitman

· Craig Groeschel

· Andy Stanley

· Carey Nieuwhof

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